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LinkedIn is an often-forgotten social media platform that can actually be one of the BEST platforms to use for business. The LinkedIn slogan asks users to “do business where business is done”, and there is a lot of evidence that LinkedIn is where business is done. Did you know that there are over 690 million professionals on LinkedIn, and nearly 4 out of every 5 members drives business decisions?

LinkedIn is more than another social media platform – it is a popular professional networking and career development site. This Microsoft-owned social network is utilized by companies all over the world to generate leads, drive website traffic, make professional connections, and build brand awareness. There are two main ways to reach these goals using LinkedIn – by establishing a LinkedIn page for your company, and employing LinkedIn Ads to promote your business.

Establishing a LinkedIn Page For Your Company

A very simple, and free, way to get started on LinkedIn is by creating a business page for your company. This page is very similar to other social media platforms. It provides space for users to include a profile picture, cover photo, description of the company, website URL, and contact information. These basic elements will help increase brand awareness quickly. In fact, pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views.

Generate Leads

By creating a LinkedIn page for your company, you are creating a reliable place for people to find your business. There is no such thing as too much publicity – the more places your business is visible online, the better. Plus, prospective clients can find contact information on your page.

Drive Website Traffic

You can drive website traffic by linking your URL to your business page. Plus, you can create posts to promote certain pages on your website that you want to direct users to. These posts are visible to all LinkedIn users and stay on your page forever. (Plus, these links are helpful for boosting SEO!)

Make Professional Connections

By inviting LinkedIn users to follow your company’s page, you are building professional connections. In addition, you can connect with their business’s page for a mutually supportive business relationship. By connecting with your followers through posts and responses to posts, you can further nurture these connections and turn them into even richer relationships.

Build Brand Awareness

Your LinkedIn business page is a great way to build brand awareness. This is because you have the freedom to represent your brand as you see fit. For example, posts can reflect a playful tone or a more serious tone. The goal is to fit your branding goals and creative elements in a way to drive your brand message home.

Employing LinkedIn Ads To Promote Your Business

LinkedIn provides a few different avenues for paid advertising – including sponsored content, sponsored messaging, text ads, and dynamic ads. Each different type of marketing can be utilized to further your goals and build a name for your company. Successful ads are focused, eye-catching, and relevant to your targeted audience.

Generate Leads

Texts ads are a great way to generate quality leads. Reaching past your page’s followers, text ads can get your business in front of the users that matter most.  Fine-tuned targeting options allow you to reach a targeted audience and drive them to your website. Plus, it is easy to set a budget that works for your company with PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per impression) pricing options.

Drive Website Traffic

Dynamic ads are eye-catching and customizable ads that personalize the experience for your audience. They drive website traffic by featuring a product, service, event, or newsletter. Plus, with a clear call-to-action button for your target audience, it is easy to encourage consumers to follow links and engage with your ads. Powerful analytics can also help gauge interest.

Make Professional Connections

Sponsored messaging allows you to engage with prospects via LinkedIn’s direct messaging system in order to cultivate professional conversations. These direct, one-on-one messages create a rapport between you and prospective connections, while still driving a branding message home. Engage with these prospects by offering event registration, free product trials, or sending links to valuable content from your business blog.

Build Brand Awareness

Sponsored content creates native ads that run in prospective clients’ newsfeeds. Similar to a post you would create on your own page, they are a great space to drive brand awareness and cultivate a branded message. The biggest benefit of sponsored content is being able to reach outside of your own followers, allowing you to connect and create brand awareness with new consumers.

Do Business Where Business is Done

Ready to establish your company on LinkedIn? Our digital marketing team has worked in-depth with all social platforms. We can help you establish a page for your company or start your first LinkedIn Ad. Visit our website today to learn more about our experience or contact Michelle Dunaway at to start doing your business where business is done.

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