Lift the Results of Your Paid Social Campaigns

For the past 15 years, advertising on social platforms such as Facebook has become a wonderful way to reach both new and existing customers. But, as the digital playground evolves, so does the consumer. Adding additional tactics to your paid social campaign is essential in reaching your targeted audience. Pair tactics to lift the results of your paid social campaign is essential to reaching your targeted audience.


The Benefits of Paid Social

This year alone, advertisers are expected to spend over $56 billion on paid social advertising to promote their products and services. As large as that number is, it is not surprising because of the benefits that come along with it. Those benefits include:

  • Greater Content Visibility – Put your content in front of your desired audience while you control both the frequency of the ad and the budget.
  • Increased Traffic – This benefit can apply to your website or your store front. An increase in traffic can boost conversions on your website.
  • Stronger Online Presence – Strengthening your online presence can increase brand awareness.

These are only a few of the benefits of paid social advertising. Regardless of your campaign goal, paid social advertising can be a useful tool to reach and engage your target audience.


Challenges with Paid Social

Along with benefits, there are some challenges that can come with paid social. Some are more obvious than others, but as the digital landscape changes, the targeting options do as well. Recently, Facebook has limited their targeting options, preventing paid social ads from reaching certain audiences successfully.

Challenges that one may encounter in a paid social campaign include:

  • Increased Competition – The benefits of paid social are not ignored by your competitors, which makes this current way of promoting a common outlet for reaching, engaging, or even selling to a desired audience.
  • User Data Tracking – With the newest update from Apple, tracking detailed user data has become difficult.
  • Choosing the Correct Platform – Advertising on the correct social media platform for your target audience is critical. There are so many platforms available. Allowing time for audience research is important to avoid spending too much time and money where you should not be.

While challenges exist with any advertising initiative, these paid social conditions have led to many difficulties. Executing campaigns in today’s climate compared to those executed prior to 2020 (pre-Covid) is very different. This is why Media Venue recommends pairing Paid Social with additional tactics to reach your performance goals.


Lift Your Results By Building on Paid Social: Behavioral Retargeting

Reaching your targeted audience outside the limited social space is essential to fully reap the benefits of paid advertising. Thankfully, there are several tactics that can be used to build up a paid social campaign, one of which is behavioral retargeting.

Behavioral retargeting utilizes someone’s browsing and search history to strengthen the advertising campaign and deliver ads based on topics they searched and sites they visited. This information, combined with interests and in-market indicators, helps determine an ad’s relevancy for a specific prospect.

There are quite a few benefits to behavioral retargeting, including:

  • Increased user engagement
  • Higher click-thru-rate (CTR)
  • Improved conversion rates

The personalized ads built with behavioral retargeting are beneficial to both the consumer and the advertiser. While the consumer engages with the targeted ads, they can enjoy a more favorable shopping experience, all while the advertiser reaps the rewards of better sales and increased web visits.


Lift Your Results By Building on Paid Social: Paid Search + Retargeting Online

Paid search refers to any search process where the first visible results are dictated by payment from the advertiser. As one of the most beneficial advertising methods, paid search can be leveraged alongside a paid social campaign. Paid search drives web traffic and builds a retargeting pool. Using the data from a retargeting campaign can be beneficial for other tactics. This tactic is great for creating custom and look alike audiences on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Not only can you create custom audiences for Facebook based off web pages that receive the most traffic, but also allow you to take that information to build creative assets that align with a specific product and/or service. From there, you can segment to ensure the correct audience is viewing the ad that most resembles that for which they are searching.

With paid search, it is also important to note that budget and time are two things to consider. Having both a solid budget and allowing time for the campaign to optimize properly is important in ensuring that you reach your marketing goals.


It’s safe to say that paid social is a great advertising outlet but having that be the only marketing channel running will not lead to the maximum benefit that your business deserves. Adding to your paid social, whether it be behavioral retargeting, paid search, or any other tactic, maximizing your business’ presence through digital marketing is best reached through utilizing more than one.


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