The Laws of Digital Marketing: Part 2

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Social Media Marketing Engagement

Engage in conversations with those who post comments to your blog entries and status updates. Let your audience get to know you by replying to their posts and answering their questions. Again, this is gold for the introvert. You can have meaningful conversations in a controlled environment, all while wearing your pajamas. [source]friends-with-phones

Facebook Isn’t Just for People – Think of Facebook for Business, too.

Right now a single trend is completely reshaping how people discover products, information and experiences: people are spending more time on mobile and in apps.

And being on mobile has influenced how people discover, browse and purchase. In the US, for example, people are spending the majority (54%) of their time on mobile in mobile apps. Sixty percent of people on Instagram say they discover new products on the platform, while 75% say they’ve taken action after being inspired by a post. Plus, during the 2015 holiday season, nearly 1 in 5 purchases was on mobile, and it’s predicted that this year more than half of people who research travel online will do so on a mobile device.

As people discover information, products and experiences in this fashion, advertising strategies have to change to keep up. Businesses need to understand the new ways people are showing interest in a product. And, using that information, they can offer highly-relevant messages to people where they are spending their time: in their favorite mobile apps. [source]

YouTube Ads Are Crucial

In 2016, the rise in AdTech is only one of the many changes that marketers can expect to see. Given that customers soak up all their information and perspective online, it is imperative that your company has a prevalent and positive reputation across all digital channels. Your web page, landing pages, social media pages, blogs, and YouTube Channels need to display promotional information and do so in an attractive manner. If your customers are going to be there, just make sure that you get there first. The more positive attention you can get across channels online, the more leads you will be able to convert into paying customers. Website views, YouTube views and other forms of online attention will bode very positively for your lead flow and new client acquisition. YouTube and other forms of video ads will be very powerful. [source]

You Need a Social Media Manager

Social Media is time consuming. While Social Media is, in general, a low-cost (or even free) marketing source, it takes time to create a solid presence. This means posting throughout the day, scheduling posts for out-of-office hours, designing valuable content, responding to audience interactions, developing a larger following, and being consistent in the postings (365 days a year). If you don’t have the time to commit to this, you need to hire someone who can. [source]

Digital brand

How Do You Make All of This Happen?

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