Industries That Need to Advertise in the First Quarter

First Quarter

It’s always a great idea to early when planning your first quarter advertising. Now is a great time to brainstorm your upcoming strategy and set goals for the new year. The first quarter is often marked by a lack of holidays, unpredictable weather, tax related changes, and this year, new political leaders. These influencing forces can often drive businesses to be hesitant to market in the first quarter.

It may seem like a slow reason, but actually, there are many industries that have a natural influx during this time. If your business falls into one of the following industries, it may be especially important to get a jump on planning your first quarter advertising.


“New Year, new me” is the anthem of everyone wanting to try something new in the new year. In fact, January has become known as National Hobby Month with everyone expanding their horizons and trying out different things to start the year. For this reason, first quarter advertising can be imperative for companies. Especially those involved with recreational activities as well as supplies for a variety of hobbies. One great method of advertising to consider implementing is social media. The new year is a great time to engage with your followers by sharing tricks or new activities to try. If your business can host classes, facilitate a session to spark interest and drive consumers to build loyalty with your brand.


Now that vacation time has been renewed, many people will begin planning vacations for later in the year. Surveys have found that on average, the best day to purchase plane tickets for a domestic trip is 76 days prior to a flight. That means that Q1 is the ideal time as a travel company to engage with your prospective customers. An SEM campaign could get your business to the top of SERPs (search engine result pages). In addition, it would make your business top of mind as a resource.


The new year is the ideal time for people to redefine themselves by reaching health and fitness goals. Many people making new year’s resolutions pertaining to health and fitness may only have a basic understanding. This means they can be easily overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available to them. As a fitness company, the first quarter can be a great time to connect with potential consumers with TVA (targeted video advertising). Video ads that target the demographic of your choice is a great way to connect visually with a group of people that are redefining their health and fitness.

Start Your First Quarter Right

The new year is here. Ensure that your business is putting your time and resources toward initiatives that will help maximize your marketing efforts. This is especially important during this first quarter. If your company falls into one of these categories and you need advertising help, contact the experts at Media Venue. We can help you develop a social campaign, a SEM campaign, or a TVA campaign designed for success.

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