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Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 2.7 billion active users. Having a business presence on Facebook is a great way to introduce your company to the local market and increase brand awareness. In addition, engaging with your Facebook followers will help you connect with current or prospective clients and encourage them to discover more about your brand.

Quantity is usually more important than quantity – but when it comes to Facebook followers, quantity does matter when growing your brand. Most businesses that are looking to increase the effectiveness of their Facebook presence look at their followers list as a guide. The more followers your page has, the larger the audience you have viewing your branded social content.

But how do you gain followers once your page is up and running? While there are a wide variety of ways to increase your Facebook followers, we want to share with you the most effective ones, including utilizing your website, emailing your client list, publicizing your page using promoted posts and boosted posts, creating engaging content, and participating in Facebook advertising opportunities.

Utilizing Your Website to Promote Your Facebook

There are a few different ways to use your website to promote your Facebook. First, by simply putting a Facebook button on your website that links to your page, you are providing an easy way for your consumers to find you on the platform. In-market consumers are more likely to follow your page than new consumers who have never heard of your brand.

If you are looking for a more direct way to promote your Facebook on your website, you can create a Facebook pop-up. Pop-ups appear once a user has been on your website for a specific amount of time. Or, you can set them to activate as a user tries to leave the page. Either way, the pop-up alerts users that you have an active Facebook page and encourages them to follow it.

Finally, you can place a Facebook widget on your website to allow users to easily like your Facebook without having to leave your website. Mobile users who are already logged into Facebook won’t even have to log in before following or liking your page. Embedding your Facebook feed on your website bridges the gap between your business audience and your social audience.

Emailing Your Client List to Promote Your Facebook

Your client email list can function as a list of prospective Facebook followers– so why not utilize it? The people who already support your business are more likely to follow your brand on Facebook. Email marketing is an effective way to reach a large audience: 91% of consumers use email.

By emailing your client list and asking them to follow or like your Facebook page, you can reach many people that are already partially invested in your company. Use email to promote other products or services that your company provides, while still including an option to follow your Facebook. This engages customers with relevant information while still getting an avenue out for them to easily connect with you online.

Publicizing Your Facebook with Promoted Posts and Boosted Posts

Promoted posts and boosted posts can reach an audience on Facebook that spans outside of your current followers.

Boosted posts are an extremely economical way to increase your followers.  They are a typical Facebook post that is boosted to Facebook users outside your regular reach. Even more, they are very inexpensive to maintain. The simple process is also time efficient. The only thing you need to do is click the “Boost Post” option, pick your audience, and assign your budget.

In contrast, promoted posts take a little more leg work to create. However, they are much more customizable in regard to budget and audience. Promoted posts are created in Facebook Ad Manager. They offer many more options for targeting your specific audience as well as a variety of payment options, including pay-per-click. Though they often require a larger budget than boosted posts, they can target an audience on a granular level.

Providing Engaging Posts for Your Facebook Followers

Sure – it is easy to say that consumers don’t want to read cheesy ads for your products and services. So what makes a Facebook post stand out? Though engagement varies depending on the audience, there are standard ways to create posts that your audience wants to read.

First, users are more likely to connect with a post that includes interactive prompts for them to participate with. Ask your followers to comment something based on the post or offer a giveaway or incentive for sharing the post. Current followers are a great resource for spreading your content to new prospective followers.

Second, use images and videos to increase engagement. Pictures and videos are proven to perform highly on Facebook, ensuring users take notice of your posts.  Videos are an especially great way to improve engagement. Videos allow you extra time to catch browser’s attention with movement and sound.

Participating in Facebook Ad Opportunities

Facebook Ads provide you the platform to reach some of the billions of people worldwide that are connected to a small business on Facebook. With its large audience and different format options, Facebook Ads provide you the freedom to create an ad that will appeal to a variety of consumers.

The different Facebook Ad formats allow for creativity and brand specificity in your ad content. The formats include photo, video, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshow, collection, and playable ads. Each type of ad has unique benefits for reaching your target audience and expanding your followers. Advertisers can choose the format that best fits their branding and marketing goals.

Need Help to Increase Facebook Followers?

If you want to increase your Facebook followers, Media Venue is here to help. We can craft relevant, industry-related, and hyper-local content for you to boost on your Facebook page, or we can help you set up an ad campaign or promoted post campaign. Contact Michelle Dunaway at for more information or to get started. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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