How to Invite Friends to ‘Like’ Your Business’s Facebook Page

invite friends to like your page

Facebook is an essential platform to utilize in support of your business’s marketing goals. After all, about 2.85 billion users are active each month, with more than 1.88 billion using the platform daily. That number will continue to grow as our world becomes more digitally focused. With so many different users on Facebook each day, keeping it up to date and active presents a great opportunity to meet marketing goals with the help of social media.

But, how can you ensure that you are reaching potential customers on Facebook? Of these active users, how many of them have visited and like your page? How many of them are engaging with your social content? In order to grow your social following, it can be important to promote your page to potential customers.

This post explains how to invite your existing friends from your personal page to “like” your business page:

Steps to Invitation


#1 – Go to the Company Facebook page.









#2 – Click on the 3 horizontal dots at the top right (circled in red).








#3 – In the “Other Actions” box, select ‘Invite Friends’ (circled in red).








#4 – Invite all your friends! This step requires you to click the “select all” option, which access your friends list on your personal Facebook page. Then, click “send invites” (bottom right) to send an invitation to all of your personal friends.








What Happens Next?

Your friends will receive a notification to like and follow your business page once you send out this invitation. This is a great way to increase a business’s page likes and followers because you know these users and they trust you. When you send them a business page to follow, they are more willing to accept and follow that page than they would be if you had not personally offered it as a suggestion. Because it can boost the number of likes and followers your page has, it can also draw more attention to your page and business, therefore increasing engagement over time.

Ready to Get Your Business on Facebook?

Media Venue’s social media management services can be customized to fit your business’s needs. Whether you need assistance getting a page started or writing and posting content, we can help. In addition, we can boost promotional posts outside of your current followers to promote your page beyond those that are following your business on Facebook.

For more information on how to start and increase your business’s social media presence, contact Media Venue today! Our Social Media Manager, Michelle Dunaway, is happy to explain the different facets of our social media marketing services and how we can help you improve the marketing power of your business. Whether you are interested in social media management, advertising, or in-stream video, we have the resources to utilize Facebook as an enhancement tool in any marketing plan. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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