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As the holidays are quickly approaching in one of the most unprecedented years in history, businesses are already grinding their creative gears. Why? In hopes of coming up with an extremely successful and profitable marketing campaign for the holiday season. With the hardships that the year has placed on a majority of the population, the coming holidays could be an escape for both consumers and businesses – so what are your holiday marketing ideas?

Today, we’ll explore a few ideas that cater to the special circumstances of the year in hopes of sparking some unique ideas for your business to utilize during the holidays. By starting the planning process now, you are sure to be prepared during the peak of the season to utilize your strategies to their fullest.

Social Media Holiday Marketing

Social Media is a great place to start planning your holiday marketing strategy because of the increase in use throughout this year. With many physical stores closing or having limited hours, consumers have turned to Facebook to connect with businesses and shop online.

Social Media stories are a unique way to promote your business this holiday season. The videos or images posted on stories are visible to the public for 24 hours, making them customizable to the day and to a specific marketing goal you want to reach. Often, businesses can use stories as a “virtual shop window” for consumers to check out daily specials or certain products a business wants to promote.

Why are stories especially important this year? According to Instagram, over 500 million accounts use stories every day. Plus, prospective customers who want to shop from home this year are still able to connect with your brick-and-mortar store without feeling like they need to compromise their safety.

Embrace Email For Holiday Marketing

There are numerous ways to utilize digital marketing to promote your business this holiday season. An especially useful one this year is email marketing. Email marketing is an economical way to directly reach customers’ inboxes. Businesses are constantly sending email offers during the holiday season, making it safe to assume that prospects are frequently checking their email for the best deals. Businesses can use email marketing to send deals, provide one-time offers, and highlight seasonal items.

If a consumer abandons a cart on your website, you can also use email to send remarketing campaigns to finish the conversion. Especially during the holiday season, customers are looking for the absolute best deal. If your business can directly send them the best option, they are more likely to purchase from you. Here are some of the best abandoned cart recovery practices to utilize during a remarketing email campaign:

– Show up in their inbox within an hour of cart abandonment
– Use direct links to abandoned cart for ease of completion
– Don’t force consumer action with a sense of false urgency
– Include customer reviews to influence decision-making

Connect With Audiences Traditionally

Traditional ads that perform the best during the holiday season are campaigns that evoke emotions from consumers and promote sharing. A well-designed television advertisement creates a visual connection between consumer and brand that can elicit an emotional response.

Emphasis on traditions and the “holiday spirit” are great ways to create emotional appeal. Consider this – are you more likely to support a business that created an emotional connection with you? Or would you support a business that annoyed you with a repetitive or boring commercial? Furthermore, ads that capitalize on sentimentality score 50% higher in emotional appeal all year around.

Don’t want to go the sappy route this holiday season? Comical advertisements work just as well. Customers are looking to support brands that they connect with emotionally, regardless of which emotion. There are a wide variety of humorous commercials that gather customer interest just as well as the sentimental ones.

Tis Almost the Season – Let’s Get Started

Did this post spark any great ideas? If you are ready to turn your ideas into a marketing campaign, Media Venue is here to help. We are a full-service media partner with the resources and creativity to help you optimize the return on your marketing investment. With teams that cover social media marketing, digital marketing, and traditional marketing, we are sure to have a resource to help you develop a plan that will deliver success. Contact to get started today.  Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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