Google Ad Grants – Increase Visibility Online For Your Nonprofit Organization

google ad grants increase visibility for your nonprofit

A Google Ad Grant increases visibility online for your nonprofit organization. Commercial companies often run Paid Search campaigns to appear in searches run by prospective consumers. In a similar fashion, nonprofits can use a Google Ad Grant to increase awareness for their organization’s name, mission, programs, and services.

What is a Google Ad Grant?

A Google Ad Grant allows an eligible nonprofit organization to run Search ads (text ads only) on the Google Ads network for free. The cost of the ads purchased through the Google Ad Grant account is covered by Google for Nonprofits.

The Google Ad Grant is a form of pay-per-click advertising where the cost-per-click is capped at $2. The value of the Google Ad Grant is a maximum of $10,000 per month. Typically, nonprofits utilize $2,000 – $3,000 per month of this advertising stipend.

Success Stories

Curious about how nonprofits use Google Ad Grants to meet their organizational goals? The Google for Nonprofits website provides numerous success stories. Nonprofits use Google Ad Grants to:

  • educate the public about available resources
  • advocate and drive action by constituents
  • recruit volunteers
  • generate event registrations
  • generate donations for a cause

Donors Choose | Case Study | Within a 12-month period, used their Google Ad Grant campaigns to drive 305k website visits, 4.9k donations, 7.4k teacher registrations, 6.6k new teacher project submissions, and 1.9k Contact Us form submissions – with an 8.44% click-through rate.

We Care Animal Rescue | Case Study | Since joining the Google Ad Grants program, We Care Animal Rescue has seen an average monthly increase in online adoption application submissions by 125% over the previous year. Their campaigns successfully drive online donations, attract new volunteers, increase pet adoptions and broaden the organization’s visibility in the community.

Samaritans (UK) | Case Study |Founded in 1953, Samaritans’ mission is to reduce the number of deaths by suicide.  Toward this end, Samaritans provides an emotional support hotline staffed by more than 20k volunteers. In one year, the organization’s Ad Grant campaigns generated 10% of online donations, 11% of fundraising event registrations and 1,769 volunteer sign ups.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Google Ad Grant, your organization must be a 501(c)3. Schools, universities, hospitals and healthcare organizations, and political or governmental organizations are not eligible.

Application Process

If an organization meets the eligibility requirements, the organization applies for the grant using a well-defined, multi-step process. If the application is successful, the organization is then invited into a free Google Ads account by Google for Nonprofits.

First, create your Google for Nonprofits account.

Next, create an organization account with Tech Soup. Tech Soup handles the nonprofit verification process for Google for Nonprofits. Tech Soup provides a verification code to eligible nonprofits that must be entered during the application process.

Activate Your Account

Congratulations, you created accounts on Google for Nonprofits and Tech Soup. Your nonprofit eligibility is confirmed.

At this point, log back into the Google for Nonprofits site. Submit a request to be considered for an Ad Grant.

Expect to wait 2-3 weeks for Google to notify you regarding the status of your request. You may also receive emails from Google Ad Grant Support asking for additional information or documentation.

Considerations for a Successful Campaign

When building your Ad Grant campaign(s), follow general Google Ads best practices. You will need to:

  • identify keywords
  • creating ad groups based on keywords
  • identify (or create) designated landing pages
  • write ad copy that complies with Google Search Ad rules and aligns with copy on your designated landing pages

Not familiar with Google Ads? Learn more for free on Google’s Skillshop site. Pick up tips from this Google Ads Best Practices page. Optimize your campaigns using this checklist from WordStream.

Google Ad Grant Management Agencies

Many nonprofits have significant budget and staffing constraints. Often, there is not a digital marketing specialist in the organization.  Does this sound familiar? If so, find a reputable agency to manage your Google Ad Grant account.

Google for Nonprofits (GNP) allows an organization two months to bring a new Ad Grant account into compliance. Being compliant involves:

  • Ad Grant recipient must log into the account regularly
  • Ad Grant recipient must act on any Recommendations Google posts in the account
  • Ad Grant recipient must maintain an overall CTR of 5% for the account

Google Ad Grant accounts that fail to meet these stipulations for two months in a row will be temporarily shut down. If campaign performance can be stabilized – and maintained – the account will be reinstated.

The right agency partner will handle your application and activation process and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Your agency contact should also have experience working with paid  Google Ads campaigns, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio.


Every eligible nonprofit should be seeking a Google Grant to increase their visibility online with potential constituents, volunteers, and donors. Organizations that need assistance verifying eligibility, applying for a grant, activating a grant account, or building and managing campaigns should work with a reputable Google Ad Grant Management agency partner.

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