Even Fruitcake Sells Online: A Case Study

At Media Venue when someone says, I don’t know if online marketing is for my product or company we always say if we can even sell fruitcake online we can sell whatever you have as well.

I am a true believer in all things digital, when it comes to digital marketing. However, one of Media Venue’s latest clients had me questioning my faith in digital marketing. The client makes delicious fruitcakes. That’s right, fruitcake.

The only thing that I knew about fruitcake was it’s usually the gift you received at Christmas from your 83 year-old aunt, only to be re-gifted to a distant relative. How was I going to develop a campaign around this desert with a horrible reputation? Even though Media Venue offers Reputation Management, it probably wouldn’t be much assistance in moving product.

After much research, the digital team developed a digital marketing plan that incorporated search engine marketing (pay per click), social media management, social media promoted posts and a monthly email blast to existing clients, which there is over 16,000 addresses. Who knew?

I assumed that the campaign would start off slowly and eventually perform well enough to move enough product to satisfy the client. Again, I assumed and I was definitely wrong. The pay per click campaign returned click-through rates that were very impressive and above industry standard. I had no idea that many people were looking for fruitcake. The social media management included many engaging posts that were either educating or entertaining to the fans of the social page. Social management paired with targeted promoted posts assisted with a huge leap in the number of “friends”.

Fast forward 6 months and we have an optimized, lean, mean digital marketing machine that is performing so well the client extended the campaign as well as added a traditional marketing plan that Media Venue developed and included print ads and direct mail catalogs. Needless to say, the campaign continues to perform well and numbers should sky rocket the closer we get to the holidays.

In conclusion, every company no matter their product or location should have an online presence and be aware of the number of possible leads that can come from a well-designed marketing plan. Here at Media Venue, we take great pride in developing plans that are effective and achieve or surpass your goals.

If you are in the dark and simply can’t see the potential of an online presence let Media Venue shed some light. We not only create and manage your marketing but offer step by step guidance to review results and help you understand the value of your ad dollars. Call Media Venue today at 502-855-4783 to get started.

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