Adjust Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The far-reaching impact of the pandemic is changing how people spend their money, how often they consume media, and more. With these consumer habits changing, it can be hard to establish a marketing strategy. However, all these changes do not mean that you should pause your business’ marketing plan altogether. In fact, communicating regularly with your customers is key during this time. You may even find more opportunities to extend your business’ message and establish brand recognition. At Media Venue, we have been closely studying how the pandemic has been changing consumer habits. We can help you establish or adjust your marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Get Your Business on Air

With people spending more time at home, they are also spending more time with media services. If you were not promoting your business on these services before, now is the best time to get started. Viewership is up, and more people are more likely to get acquainted with your brand.

In fact, approximately 71% of people said they were spending additional time watching movies. 35% said they were spending extra time listening to music and podcasts. This means that your ad has an increased likelihood of gaining more impressions than before. That’s why now is a great time to begin marketing your business on these platforms. Whether you choose to market your business on streaming services, a television ad, a radio ad, or something similar, Media Venue can help with our media buying services.

Get Social with Your Customers

With states implementing phased re-openings of businesses and industries, consumers expect your business to provide them with regular updates on how your business will be operating. Although this would be difficult to implement in a television or radio ad due to its subjection to frequent changes, this information is perfect for social media and email marketing.

In fact, just like viewership and listeners on television, streaming services, and radio, consumers’ mobile device usage has gone up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementing a social media strategy can provide your customers with frequent updates on special sales, adjusted services, reopening dates and/or special hours, and more. Even beyond the pandemic, an effective social media management plan can help improve your business’s SEO, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

An email marketing campaign is also an effective strategy during COVID-19. It gets your business’s message directly to consumers’ inboxes. Email marketing campaigns have a large reach, ROI (Return on Investment) and provide easy access to analytics.

Adjust Your Business’s Messaging

Many people may be spending more time-consuming media. However, it is important to take into consideration what the most effective messaging is for your brand. Consumers want reassurance, updates on your business and discounts and sales. Although customers might be temporarily unable to visit your business in person, give them a reason to visit you online with the right message. The right message may give them a reason to visit and browse/shop on your website. Adjusting your business’ messages during COVID-19 does not have to be a headache with Media Venue on your side.

How Media Venue Can Help 

Although COVID-19 may have changed many things about our lives, consumers still want to hear from your business. In fact, according to iHeart Media, almost half of consumers stated that they found it reassuring to hear from trusted brands during COVID-19, and very few stated that they do not want to hear from brands at all. Although the pandemic may have changed the ways customers consume media and hear from brands, adjusting your business’s marketing strategy and messages to fit with the new times does not have to be difficult. Visit the Media Venue website today to learn about how Media Venue can help adjust or establish an effective marketing strategy for your business during COVID-19 and beyond.


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