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Don’t sit around and struggle like many companies do trying to create digital and social content. One way to create an abundance of content is through merging Local Marketing and Digital/ Social Media Marketing. Shake things up on your digital front.

 Go Local!Social Marketing

So what is Local Marketing?

Simply put, it is marketing that targets the community around a specific physical location such as a store front or restaurant. One tried and true type of Local Marketing is sponsoring a community activity. Sponsorship is a wonderful way to associate your business with something positive in the community.

Today when most people talk about marketing it is online marketing, but we cannot forget to put fun in our marketing. Digital Marketing is one of the most commonly searched phrase for individuals looking for information online, as is Social Media Marketing. One of the best things about digital marketing and social marketing is that they can both support one another and Local Marketing.

Social MarketingEnhance your digital marketing by including the personal touch of face to face interactions and videos of live events, demonstrations, etc. If your videos and photos are fun and engaging, you will not only have created great content but you will be able to tag individuals that will spread the word about your business.

Younger generations especially (Millennials and younger) often enjoy being featured or included in activities online. You can even turn these items beyond a standard post and revamp them to be true paid advertisements for your company using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

Marketing has been a series of campaigns that are trying to work together and spread a cohesive message. The same is true today, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, and more mix with traditional elements supporting the brand and message in an intricate web of information.

While your online presence may seem humongous it does not have to be as complicated as it seems. The best thing is to relax and enjoy  the product(s) or service you are passionate about and share that passion online.

If you have trouble seeing a clear picture of how digital or social marketing can truly help your bottom line give us a call. Contact Weaks McKinney-Smith at 502-855-4783 and Media Venue will help you put all the pieces together.

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