Does Outdoor Advertising Still Work?

Does outdoor advertising still work?

What is it?

Outdoor advertising is a medium that is still very viable in today’s traditional advertising circle. Starting in the early 1830s, billboards began as a way to communicate events and products. Merchants painted signs and posters to hang on walls and fence posts to capture the attention of passersby. The premise of a billboard hasn’t changed, but the scale and capabilities certainly have. Now billboard companies are taking over areas like Times Square, which has about 50,000 people traveling through daily.

Outdoor Advertising is a strong advertising medium alone but is also a great complement to other media channels. Take broadcast television, for example. Outdoor advertising can boost a television message when viewers are away from their homes by keeping the advertiser’s message present. What about the radio? Outdoor can be a great accompaniment to radio by reaching that mobile consumer on the go with a visual message. Print, yes, it can be a sidekick to newspapers too. Newspapers tend to have a shorter shelf life with the consumer, so an outdoor presence can extend the life of your print advertising campaign by keeping your message front and center.

What Now?

So now, how do you go about incorporating an outdoor campaign into your current advertising program? Well, there are many factors that need to be reviewed. Make sure you are looking at geographies that make the most sense to your demographic. Look at the cost of the board, but also take into consideration production costs, especially if you are a first-time advertiser.

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