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Podcasting has steadily become a popular form of entertainment over the last decade.  Offering content creators free reign over subject matter and format, podcasting allows users to reach a highly engaged audience with long-form audio content. In fact, 78% of Americans are familiar with the term “podcasting”, and 5 in 10 have listened to a podcast themselves. With the rise in popularity of this digital platform comes the chance for businesses to market to various audiences. That’s where iHeartMedia comes in.

Why Consider Advertising Through iHeartMedia Podcasting

iHeartMedia is one of the top audio companies in the United States, boasting their ability to reach 9 out of 10 Americans each month. In podcasting specifically, they have been ranked America’s #1 Podcaster – with more podcasts in the Apple Top 200 than any other publisher.  That, coupled with the over 150 million podcast downloads each month, make for a huge potential reach.

So why consider utilizing iHeartMedia to advertise? Along with their huge reach, they are able to offer the ability to market at the local, regional, and national level. This means that utilizing podcast advertising is not out of reach for even small to medium-sized companies. While in the past it seemed impossible to companies with smaller budgets to consider even being able to utilize this medium to market, iHeartMedia is making this an exciting possibility for businesses of all sizes.

Targeting Options Through Podcasting

Because podcasts can cover such diverse content, it is a great medium to utilize in order to target specific demographics or geographic locations. iHeartRadio offers the ability to reach audiences based on three specialized targeting options: category, geolocation, and psychographic.


iHeartMedia is one of the only multi-genre podcast publishers at scale – offering a wide variety of categories including Crime, Comedy, Health, History, Politics, and more. Businesses are able to use these categories to better match with prospects that would be interested in their products or services. Meeting in-market consumers at the right place and right time can help promote higher engagement rates.


Are you a local company that is looking to reach only local customers? iHeartMedia can make that happen. Brands can tap into their massive audience to deliver relevant messaging to specific regions within a premium podcast environment (source). Geolocation targeting can be done by DMA (designated market area).


As the name suggests, psychographics is the study of consumers based on their activities, interests, and opinions (source). iHeartMedia allows brands to buy media across a set of shows that speak to a specific audience. Their predefined groups include the advocate, the explorer, the cultivator, and many more. These groups can help you create a target audience that is more niche than the audiences defined by categories.

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