Direct Mail – Still Relevant in the Digital World

direct mail

Direct Mail is still around and very relevant. In fact, many of us receive at least one piece of direct mail daily in our mailbox. This refers to any piece of information a business sends direct to a consumer including coupons, special offers, or announcements.

Today’s direct mail is smart and sophisticated – allowing businesses to send customized messages to consumers based off website visits. It goes beyond the ‘old school’ mass-type mailers addressed to “household”, “resident” or “friend.”  It allows businesses to create targeted messages to customers that can be segmented based on address or demographics, with tailored messages based on a household or neighborhood’s customer data.

Why Consider Adding Direct Mail to Your Media Plan?

Direct mail can be more expensive compared to other vehicles, but it allows a greater level of customization, which is key!  Direct mail programs can run from less than two cents per piece up to $3 or $4 per piece depending on customization and quantity. Minimums also vary, with some programs starting at 200 pieces and others requiring a minimum of 10,000 pieces per mailing. Direct mail does require planning due to creative deadlines, which can run four to six weeks before the in-home date.

Along with the ability to customize, direct mailers can help increase your marketing reach. It is recommended to have multiple advertising vehicles for your message, which will strengthen the number of prospects you are able to touch with your campaign. Direct mail allows businesses to engage with consumers with a tactical piece, in addition to a ‘viewed’ ad.  This method also reaches people who may not engage with social media platforms.

Creating an Effective Direct Mailer

Make it Interactive

Direct mail is an opportunity to get your message in the hands of a prospective consumer. Provide a call to action with a special offer that prompts the consumer to visit your store or website to make a purchase. Have the offer be for a limited time only. This may help drive immediate interest of your products and/or service. Some vendors allow for perforated punch cards, making it easy for the recipient to remove your coupon or special offer and redeem.

Be Creative

All advertising methods should be fun and engaging! However, direct mail allows businesses to go a step further by offering unique shapes and designs that depict what the product and/or service is about. You can even include scented stickers or scratch offs! Plus, it offers a level of freedom that allows brands to clearly define themselves and their voice.

Provide Custom Offers

Create buckets for your message based on who the piece is going to. For example, use your customer database to create an offer for lapsed users, new users, and current users. The offer for lapsed or new users should be stronger than the one for current users to drive interest. Make the offer to your current user a ‘referral’ special, allowing both the current customer and potential new customer to receive the discount/promotion.

Track Analytics

Some direct mail programs can link to your CRM data, allowing you to easily track your return on investment. Unique coupon codes and/or URLs within the creative also allow direct mail to be tracked.

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