Media Venue has been a trusted Gravely partner since 2020

Who We Are

Media Venue is a full-service advertising agency based in Louisville, KY. Media Venue was started in 1995 by Weaks McKinney Smith. As a team, we have a combined 100+ years of digital and traditional media planning and buying experience.

What We Do

Our capabilities range from traditional media advertising (TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Billboards) to digital media advertising (Paid Search, Retargeting, Targeted Video, Streaming Television, Social Media, Geo-fencing). Media Venue also offers website design and Search Engine Optimization. Based on available budgets big or small and campaign goals, Media Venue will build the most effective and cost-efficient campaign.

How We Do It

Our number one goal is to make this process seamless to you. Media Venue oversees the advertising process from beginning to end. Before putting a campaign recommendation together, we work with each client-partner to understand your business's goals, objectives and intricacies. We handle all aspects of the media process: planning, creative approvals, execution, post-campaign analysis, and reporting.

Meet Your Dedicated Team

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