Will Cinema Advertising Survive the Pandemic?

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times – life as we knew it before the pandemic is forever changed. With nearly all social spaces functioning in new ways, it’s no wonder that every piece of our day to day lives seems to have been touched in some way by the coronavirus. In the movie industry, this holds especially true. With cinemas being closed for nearly a year, the question on everyone’s mind is – will they survive now that vaccinations are becoming more widely available and things are opening back up? And more importantly, what does this mean for you as a marketer? Should you even consider investing in cinema advertising?

What is Cinema Advertising?

Cinema advertising has always been an extremely cost-effective marketing vehicle that allows businesses to reach a wide variety of engaged audiences. It utilizes the same :15 and :30 second ads that can be used for television ads at a fraction of the cost, allowing even small businesses the luxury of connecting with an audience through visual and audio elements.

To be clear, cinema advertising is not the same as the movie trailers immediately before a movie begins. Movie ads come before the trailers, and they have been a great way for businesses to reach consumers since the first one opened in 1902. They feature businesses rather than upcoming films and are paid for by businesses. Whereas trailers are often provided by the theater to get customers to return.

Are There Advantages?

There are a wide array of advantages to choosing cinema advertising as part of your overall marketing plan. While many businesses have shifted a focus to digital methods of advertising, traditional methods including cinema advertising hold a variety of possibilities for businesses, including:

Reaching a Captive Audience

Many theater-goers arrive early to get a good seat for the film they’ve chosen, leaving businesses with a chance to engage with a captive audience. The atmosphere (quiet, dark) lend itself well to attentive viewers. In addition, cinemas often ask audiences to turn off cell phones, removing the most common distraction for consumers.

Making an Impactful Connection

Consumers within a cinema setting are ready to be impacted. Strong visuals and captivating sounds are a great way to make an impression. Especially on an audience that is looking to make a connection. Plus, the intensified setting of a movie theater can heighten emotional responses to stimuli, extending the impact further.

Spending on a Budget

As previously mentioned, cinema ads are extremely similar to television advertising but depend on a significantly smaller budget. This form of advertising does not need as much budget as other marketing methods. This is because of the more targeted reach. However, businesses are still able to successfully market using visual and audio messages.

Will Cinema Advertising Survive?

Evidence suggests that cinema advertising will continue to be a lucrative marketing method. This appears to be especially true now that theaters are opening back up across the country. This points to the likelihood that cinema advertising can survive the changes that the pandemic has caused. In fact, some studies suggest that theatergoers are an extremely loyal group of consumers meaning that they are likely to opt to continue watching movies in theaters even if streaming services continue to offer up new releases in the future. Plus, with quarantines lifting, people are itching to get back into the normal swing of things. This includes life as a movie-goer.

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