Cinema Advertising is Back

Put your business on the big screen! Utilize the benefits of the short, eye-catching ads that play before the trailers and before the start of the movie. When the pandemic first hit, both movies and cinema advertising had taken a hit but it’s back and better than ever. The rise of new innovations and the movie industry adds to the list of reasons to advertise on the big screen.

Why Advertise at the Movies?

Movie theaters utilize different technologies as well as different locations within the building to feature a variety of advertisements. Through these various formats, advertisers can reach consumers during their time in the establishment.

Here are the common types of cinema advertising that can be used to get your business in the movies:

  • Video ads – Video ads or a cinema commercial would play before the movie trailers start to roll. Most of the time, they aren’t different from commercials that run on TV.
  • Slideshow ads – These are the silent, still advertisements that play on the screen while you’re coming into the theater and choosing your seat.
  • Kiosk ads – Kiosk ads appear on movie theater kiosks. They’re usually located in the lobby and can feature digital or static options.
  • Standees – These are large, free-standing advertising displays. They typically resemble large posters.
  • LED screens –Many theaters offer options for digital advertising on smaller LED screens located throughout the building.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising

The Video Advertising Bureau collected reasons why you should include cinema in a video ad campaign. It was found that 92% of viewers take their seats before the start of the trailers, allowing them to see the ads that are running before the start of their movie. When they come in, they’re expecting advertisements and aren’t distracted by things outside. When an audience is expecting an ad, they’re more likely to be engaged with it. This will help bring impressions to your campaign, making it memorable and compelling.

There is a wide variety of people that come to the movies monthly because theaters are on a constant schedule releasing new movies. There are different genres of movies being released that bring in every type of consumer. Based on your company and what you’re advertising, you get to associate your ads with the right movies for your target audience. Most moviegoers live within a 10-mile radius of the theater and are between the ages of 18-45. Through cinema advertising, you will be reaching many demographics at the same time.

Get on the Big Screen with Media Venue

Movies are a great way for viewers to expose themselves to a new world – be a part of this experience with cinema advertising! Media Venue can help you place your advertisements and reach a wide array of audiences. We can also help you create a captivating ad to best reach the actively engaged audience. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue. Ready to get on the big screen? Contact Media Venue today!

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