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The home of cinematic story telling is back! With movies back in production and the viewer experience heading back into the box office, now is a great time to reach a larger audience with cinema advertising. Whether it is a family affair or a hot date night, movies are an experience for all! As an advertiser, the cinema provides a great place to market products and services to a variety of audiences. So, grab your popcorn, favorite candy, and a drink as we dive into the world of cinema advertising!

What are the Benefits of Cinema Advertising?

Businesses can take advantage of a variety of opportunities when marketing their products in the theater. Because 95% of moviegoers will only travel up to 20 miles to a movie theater, cinema advertising can easily provide geographical targeting capabilities to businesses on the big screen.

In addition, certain movie genres can help marketers target their target demographics. For example, a business marketing a family experience would be better to choose to advertise during an animated film. Whereas companies looking to sell recreational equipment to thrill seekers may want to choose to advertise during a horror flick.

These targeting abilities make cinema advertising a great choice for small and large businesses alike. Media agencies are estimating that post-pandemic global cinematic ad spend will grow 116% throughout 2021 – making it a growing industry for marketers to consider utilizing.

Be Successful in Your Cinema Advertising Efforts

It can be important to make ads stand out next to the others when advertising on the big screen. Interactive ads and eye-catching graphics can draw the audience in and leave a lasting impression on them. In fact, studies have shown that nearly half of moviegoers will interact with an advertisement that is shown before a film. Polls, games, or trivia contests are a great way to get viewers involved with a brand.

Plus, advertisements are a quick glance into a business and what they stand for. Creative brands show the individuality of a brand and can make a consumer more likely to choose that company over another. In fact, affluent adults are 67% more likely to purchase a product advertised in a movie theater (source). The cinema experience offers an immersive experience for customers – making for a highly-engaged audience. Cinema advertising can be highly effective when well-executed.

Get on the Big Screen with Media Venue

Movies are a great way for viewers to submerge themselves into a new world – be a part of this experience with cinema advertising! Media Venue can help you place your advertisements and reach a wide-array of audiences. We can also help you create a captivating ad to best reach the actively engaged audience. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue. Give us a call at 502-855-4783!

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