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More Money at No Cost: Co-Op Management

Co-op funds offer financial assistance to clients by paying for a portion of their advertising costs. Effectively using your allotted company funds toward marketing and …

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direct mail

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail marketing is a strategy used to engage customers by sending printed mailers, dimensional packages, perishable items, corporate swag, or other physical items. It …

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Digital Marketing

Marketing in the Digital Age: The Importance of Social Media Marketing

In the past few decades, digital marketing has become just as important than traditional marketing ventures. We are truly living in the digital age, and …

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Cinema Advertising is Back

Put your business on the big screen! Utilize the benefits of the short, eye-catching ads that play before the trailers and before the start of …

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marketing strategy

Advertising on Streaming Television

            Television is one of the most popular marketing avenues—some even call it the “Gold Standard of Marketing.” But as marketing has shifted to a …

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newspaper advertising newspaper

Why Add Newspaper Advertising to Your Marketing Plan

When consumers picture the most eye-catching ads they have ever encountered, it often isn’t a newspaper ad that they saw while drinking their morning coffee. …

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streaming services Streaming Television

Fall In Love With Streaming Services

Streaming television is taking the world by storm. With more and more people cutting the cord with cable every day, streaming services provide a great …

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cinema advertising cinema advertising

Cinema Advertising – Get on the Big Screen

The home of cinematic story telling is back! With movies back in production and the viewer experience heading back into the box office, now is …

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brand branding

Branding Basics

There is more to business than establishing a company name and selling a product or service. Successful businesses become well-established brands that stand for so …

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print advertising branding

Print Advertising – Let’s Get Physical

In today’s digital world, it is easy to assume that print advertising is dead. However, it is very much still alive and thriving! Magazines, newspapers, …

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