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How to utilize Geo-Fencing News

How to Utilize Geo-Fence Marketing

Imagine being able to send a customized message, special offer, or discount to a consumer while they are shopping at a competitor’s location. Or, what …

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Black Friday digital marketing

Best of Black Friday – Successful Holiday Marketing

Since the 1960s, Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In fact, millions of Americans participate in Black Friday …

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marketing plan News

Develop A Marketing Plan For The New Year

Now is the time to reflect on the past year and decide what it brought to your company. Did you have a record year? Were …

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email marketing digital marketing

Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email is one of the most popular methods of communication available, with 5.6 billion active email accounts in existence as of 2019. Because of this …

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search engine marketing digital marketing

Search Engine Marketing: Reaching Relevant Audiences

Competition for business is all around us especially as we head into a new year and begin planning for Q1. In an increasingly hectic market, …

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cable advertising News

Cable Advertising – A Targeted Solution

When deciding how to spend their advertising dollars, many businesses may be surprised to discover that TV advertising is much more complicated than it originally …

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advertising budget advertising budget

Planning an Advertising Budget for Approval

Creating an advertising budget involves a variety of moving parts. That’s why it can be difficult to create a plan that gets approved by all …

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local search digital marketing

Local Search 101: Putting Your Business on the Map

By now you know that it’s important for your business’s website to be search engine optimized. However, if you have a defined service area, you …

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holiday marketing digital marketing

Holiday Marketing Ideas – ‘Tis Almost the Season

As the holidays are quickly approaching in one of the most unprecedented years in history, businesses are already grinding their creative gears. Why? In hopes …

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branding branding

Why Branding is Important To Marketing

In the early days of marketing, a brand identified the company that produced a good or service with a simple image or mark. For example, …

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