Capturing Video Marketing Success

Video Marketing Success is on the Rise

Video is unquestionably the digital trend of the moment, but experts don’t foresee video marketing as a fleeting trend. It is not just the marketers who are boasting the successful use of video. The psychologist and historians that watch patterns of the human condition agree that video is a powerful digital marketing tool.

Liraz Margalit Ph.D. revealed in Psychology Today that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.  The cognitive effort used to watch a video is only a fraction used for reading content. As you may have guessed, “It’s a human tendency to lean towards those things which involve less strain.” (Source)

Two major themes stemming from Dr. Margalit’s research is that in video vs. text historical habits and information importance play large roles in online consumer’s preference. Individuals who are used to reading their information will most likely continue to choose text format. Those who are less committed to reading will likely opt for video. One commonality that remains clear is that users do not choose both. The second largest factor is the importance of the information. Decisions that require more active engagement such as choosing an insurance policy engage more response through text. While video messages were more successful with decisions that could be made by passive thoughts such as where to eat, or low priced retail items.

Applying the Science

When it comes to creating your own digital marketing content, you must first plan the campaign goal. Emotional messages are often conveyed better through video marketing, while hard facts and numbers are better received via text marketing. Identify your goal, how you want your audience to connect with your message and what actions need to be taken by the end consumer.

Once your side of the spectrum has been set, flip the coin and look at your target customer.

Consider these questions:

Who is your target consumer? (age, gender, location, interests, etc)

Where are they likely to look for their information?

Would they search for it or happen upon it browsing?

How will it benefit your consumer?

Does your product have a story or emotional element that could be played on?

More often than not the same sale or service could be conveyed in a variety of different styles, but you’re looking for the most effective. If there is an emotional component use it. Emotions are one of the most motivating ways to engage humans to take action. Online, video marketing is the best way to stir emotional response.

An additional element that benefits video is that humans want to make connections, especially in a growing world of screens. An online video showcasing your employees, customers or owner’s personality and experiences often receive unexpected amounts of response, especially when it comes to technical services.

Think about it!

Would you have liked this content as a video, or did you prefer text?

Would you have retained as much information from it had it been in a video context?

Videos are wildly popular, but are still undervalued especially by small to medium sized companies. The associated price tag could scare off more than a few. Unlike TV shows or even commercials, online videos are done with a fraction of the equipment mainly because users expect them to be real life oriented. If you want to further understand not only how creating these video could benefit your bottom line but how to get them in front of users, call Cassie at Media Venue 502.855.4783 or reach out to


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