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The internet is growing progressively louder with advertisements as companies are learning that they have to pay to be heard. These paid messages are in no way bad, in fact most users simply know they will be bombarded with advertisements and are no longer upset but rather choose to ignore them. This stance though is what can hurt marketers and businesses. video factMessages that are being ignored or overlooked are ad dollars wasted.

The modern consumer is one that instead of noticing what they need they go searching for it. The majority of consumers want to be informed before making a purchase. Rather than buying a steak because it looks good they are purchasing it because of the quality and the company standing behind it.

This shift in the majority of consumers over the last several years does not have to work against you unless of course you’re a pyramid scheme company. Never the less, as a company built on providing goods or services to individuals there is a way to shift your own image and marketing to capitalize on this alteration. One way that can work incredibly well is to have your company or staff create how to videos and upload them both on social media and your own site.

Before you try to make videos that are tedious or irrelevant to your company be sure to create a plan with a specific goal in mind. By planning you will save on the time and hassle of creating a useless video.

Topics to Explore for Videos:

  • New Products or Services
  • Product Best Usages
  • Service Best Practices
  • Unconventional uses for product
  • Expert advice centered around services or product use
  • Answering commonly asked questions
  • Why your company stands out

Let’s take a look at the list of pros and cons of making a How to Video.

Pros of a How to Video

  • Express facts and opinions about products/services
  • Do not have to be lengthy (3 min or less is great)
  • Offer a face/image to the company
  • Actively model a product or services features/elements
  • Teach use of product for new customers
  • Build a community of users
  • Do not have to be done by a film crew
  • Always working for you 24/7
  • Offer expert advice

Cons of a How to Video

  • Do take time
  • If not careful you may give away information better kept away from competition but that is avoidable

video marketing

The lists above are simplistic because each one your companies and products are unique. In 2016, the soul of a company made up by its ethics, values, employees, and purpose are what consumers are looking to learn more about to help shape their brand loyalties and new product purchases.

Take the video challenge and make one video 3 minutes or less this week and get the expert word out on your goods or services. Don’t forget to add your call to action, let your viewer know exactly what you want them to do post video.

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