Capitalizing on the Morning Commuters

Capitalizing on the morning communters

We’ve all been there – waking up to the feeling of being a little too rested and checking the clock to see that you’ve overslept. Did you hit snooze too many times? Or maybe you set your alarm to 6 p.m. instead of 6 a.m. Regardless of the reason, you’re late, and now you’ll hit the prime-time traffic as one of the morning commuters. In Louisville especially, we know the feeling.

In fact, nearly 37,000 people are stuck in the morning commute from 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. in Louisville. That’s a huge audience to reach, so why not capitalize on it? By utilizing marketing platforms that will reach this large audience during their commute, you can maximize your marketing efforts and optimize your budget.

Reaching Louisville Commuters with Billboards

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city, so it’s no wonder that traffic is a common problem on major highways. Whether it’s on I-71, I-65, the Watterson Expressway, or the Gene Snyder, we have all hit traffic at one point. With more than 55,000 people spending 20 to 25 minutes commuting and a little over 4,000 spending more than 90 minutes on the road to work each day, companies have a huge window to reach customers with billboards.

Hundreds of billboards around the city are available for advertising, many of which have prominent positions on major highways. Well-designed billboards are eye-catching and can make a quick impact on consumers during their commute.

If reaching locals isn’t of interest to your company, it is important to understand the reach beyond the local population. 24 million consumers visit Louisville annually, for an estimated impact of $1.6 billion – making billboards a fantastic way to reach beyond local consumers to people passing through and visiting as well.

Let Commuters Hear You with Radio Ads

With over 60 different FM s and 32 AM radio stations available and in the listening range of Louisville, there is a wide array of stations that companies can utilize to reach potential consumers. With thousands of people tuning into radio stations during their morning commute, it is no wonder that radio advertising is a successful way to reach Louisville consumers.

Radio advertising allows for a little more targeting than billboard advertising because the stations have different formats and cater to different demographics. For example, you are less likely to reach an older population on a “Contemporary” or “Top Hits” station than you would on an “Oldies” or “Classics” station. With more targeting options, it is easier to reach an audience that is interested in your business’s products or services.

Advertising on the radio is an economical way of advertising. Radio ads have significantly fewer costs associated with them than other types of media. Plus, with its large reach, radio advertising is the ideal way to maximize reach on a budget.  Radio ads also use frequency to leverage your exposure to consumers. Because radio stations have avid listeners, businesses can drive their message home with multiple ads to the same person. Radio advertising is the perfect medium to build awareness through ad repetition.

Create Ads for Commuters

Now that you understand how to reach the morning commuter in Louisville, it is just as important to create a fantastic ad to drive your brand home. If you need help creating your billboard ads or radio ads, Media Venue can help. We have experience in all traditional marketing platforms, including outdoor advertising and radio advertising.

We can offer detailed creative strategizing as well as in-depth media buying and planning to optimize your marketing budget. If you are ready to get started and reach the morning commuters, contact us today! Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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