Blending Digital and Traditional Marketing

Way, way back in 1995, I was told several times that “new” media (digital marketing) would be the death of traditional media, such as television commercials and billboard advertising (OOH). As many professionals did within the advertising industry, I panicked. In a hasty response, I ran out to research every aspect of the new media. While the research was not at all a waste of time, here we are 20 years later, and low and behold, a lot of traditional media is still running strong. My television still features 30-second commercials. And along every highway, displays with witty one-liners are grabbing my attention for products I likely don’t need.

As many experts predicted, the “new” digital media has the ability to provide outstanding marketing performance and detailed reporting capabilities. What many experts didn’t predict is the evolution and integration with traditional media.

For instance, savvy advertisers have adapted their television commercials to embrace potential customer online behavior. Do you recognize the lines “share your story” or “see the rest of the story online at…” from commercials created in the last 2 years?  Have you noticed special promo codes or landing pages promoted during commercials? Several top-performing companies have evolved their marketing to involve their customer.  Through this evolution, marketers can track more information about the results and ROI of their television commercials by tracking when and where consumers visit their website. If the advertiser is marketing successfully, they will have collected personal and behavioral customer information from the increased engagement.

Outdoor companies (billboard advertising) have flexed and flourished through the integration of digital boards. They offer a mix of messages and quick change capabilities matching the high speed of the new millennium. Radio integrated itself seamlessly with the internet, giving consumers the one thing they desired more, control. The addition of apps like Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio let the listeners due the driving, and while they offer ad-free versions, the majority of listeners see advertising as simply a part of the experience.

Marketing plans need to change and evolve, matching the changing landscape of communication. It is important that you’re using a researched strategy that works cohesively to achieve your company goals. Each medium, traditional and digital, should be carefully researched and considered within your marketing strategy. The marketing strategy will lay out the best mediums for your brand and how they will work cohesively. A successful marketing strategy takes time. Call Media Venue to help your business prepare a sound media strategy with the data, research tools and programs needed to be successful.

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