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billboard advertising

With the popularity of digital advertising on the rise, many people have thrown traditional advertising methods to the wayside. In doing so, however, they are throwing away opportunities to make a big impact. One of the methods that makes a strong statement is billboard advertising.

Even in our technologically driven society, billboard advertising still influences customers.  In fact, 71% of U.S. residents have noticed a billboard, and 28% of billboard viewers will take note of a URL on a billboard. Along with this incredible reach, billboard advertising boasts a variety of different benefits that many digital advertising opportunities lack. These benefits include their visibility, their non-skippable nature, and their freedom for creativity.

The Visibility of Billboard Advertising

Billboards are essentially a giant poster for your business. They are great for driving brand awareness and recognition for passersby, mainly due to their visibility. Though billboards can vary in dimensions and style, billboards get attention. A well-designed billboard with minimal words and a strong message is going to make an impact on consumers. Picture it for yourself – how many billboards have you taken notice of?

Billboards allow companies a very wide reach – extending to a variety of demographics and exposing their brand to a widespread variety of potential customers. As of 2010, more than 90% of Americans had at least one vehicle and made at least one interstate trip each weekday. Billboards are visible 24 hours a day. Unlike any digital ads, your billboard will reach people at all times of the day as they travel to different destinations. This increases your brand visibility and awareness to a large pool of potential customers.

The Non-Skippable Nature of Billboard Advertising

In contrast to digital ads that are mostly skippable or closeable, billboards always demand attention. Even if consumers have driven the same path a multitude of times, they will see and be impacted by a billboard every time they pass it and cannot simply “skip” it. Proper placement of a billboard in high-traffic areas compels consumers to take notice of your brand and your message, which is something that digital ads cannot provide.

Because they are non-skippable and often target the same consumer multiple times on the same driving route, billboards are also a great tool for brand recall. After all, nothing facilitates recall quite like repetition. Frequent viewers of your billboard are more likely to remember your brand and message. Plus, they are more likely to spread awareness by word of mouth. In fact, many people will use billboards as a point of reference or landmark when giving directions – helping spread awareness of your billboard ad.

The Creative Freedom of Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a large canvas for creativity and offer a lot of creative freedom for their designers. Though typical billboard dimensions are 48 feet wide by 14 feet high, there are numerous types of boards available to cater best to your creative design. Along with traditional print indoor and outdoor billboards, there are digital billboards that can add motion to your design.

Great billboard designs incorporate bold pictures and colors, limit word count, and make a point. Keeping the text on a billboard short and sweet is a great way to send a strong and direct message to consumers, without losing their interest. In addition, bold colors allow creative expression while catching consumers eyes and drawing in their attention. Bold pictures drive the branding message home and can really show customers your unique branded message.

This creative freedom is a perfect way for companies to generate the message and branding that they want to convey. If you aren’t sure where to get started with your traditional advertising needs, Media Venue can help.  Media Venue has experience in all facets of outdoor marketing, including billboard advertising. We have the resources and the expertise to help you maximize the return on your marketing investment. To get started today, visit our website or contact Jaclyn Grieshaber at

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