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Black Friday

Since the 1960s, Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In fact, millions of Americans participate in Black Friday sales events throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving. So, how do you get your company to stand out above the rest as a great option during the holiday season? It’s simple! Create an unforgettable holiday advertisement.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t THAT simple. What exactly goes into a successful holiday marketing advertisement? There are a variety of ways to create an unforgettable ad, and for that reason, it’s best to learn from the experts on this one. Here are some extremely successful Black Friday ads and the components they utilized to be successful!

Apple Black Friday Email Campaign

Email marketing is a great method to utilize when looking for a high return on investment (ROI). However, there are a variety of ways to reach customers and pique their interest. Apple utilized staggered out emails to lead up to their Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. They started their ads with an email teasing their sale a couple weeks in advance. As the day got closer, they sent a second email highlighting the exact deals they were going to be offering a week in advance.

There are a couple reasons that this type of email marketing was successful for Apple. By advertising in advance with a teaser, they were able to create anticipation around the sales they would be holding. In addition, their use of email marketing to create anticipation utilized a cost-effective marketing medium, making their ROI significantly greater. Finally, their sleek and simple email design not only captured audience attention quickly but stayed true to their branding style. Well organized emails will encourage customers to engage with content.

ASOS Black Friday Social Media Campaign

Looking for a great campaign that requires no money? Consider posting on social media as a means of marketing a holiday sales event. ASOS utilized a sleek, branded picture on their Instagram to remind followers that they were having a Black Friday sale. Instagram post success is all about the art of storytelling. When creating content, take the focus away from the product itself and focus more on how your product fits into the lifestyle of your consumers. For example, if you are trying to market a product, include photos on your feed of people using your products in real world settings or photos that include your brand’s colors in a unique way.

Why was this kind of marketing successful for ASOS? First off, they have an engaged and robust following on Instagram, so they were aware of the kind of audience they would be reaching. Secondly, they utilized a free form of marketing to create tremendous ROI. Finally, they created a narrative for their followers to engage and connect with, making their social media campaign extremely successful.

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