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It’s usually no surprise when we see the record breaking viewership each year for the Super Bowl. What might be surprising to some is the continued popularity and viewership growth of both college and professional football throughout the season and bowl games. College and professional football rank among the top most popular sports that receive the highest viewership. Televised football games are usually appointment viewing with less chance of being recorded.

The demographic that is glued to the television for televised football games may be a bit surprising as well. Scarborough Sports Marketing released the following statistics in regards to college football fans:

  • 61% are male and 39% are female
  • 54% are between the ages of 25-64
  • 40% have an annual household income of $75,000+


Both college and professional football has benefited greatly from the broadcasting on every major media sports outlet. Developing a strategy to capture the football audience can be overwhelming and should be researched in detail to maximize reach and campaign efficiency.

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