Extra, Extra, Read All About It: Advertising in Print Publications

In the Digital Age, there has been a shift in marketing to focus on digital and social media—but don’t forget about the traditional, tried and true methods like advertising in print publications. Print advertising is just as relevant as ever, and has results that have been proven over the decades. While marketing strategies may be changing, print continues to have proven benefits and results that stand out among other tactics.

Types of Print Advertising

There are various types of print publications that a business can advertise in. Each publications offers their own benefits, demographics, and audience. Depending on your business and its goal audience, choosing the right type of publication is important to yielding desired results.


This is probably the first type of publication that comes to mind when you think of advertising in print. Newspapers offer a huge reach in a concentrated area, such as the city or county the newspaper is serving. Due to the local advantage of newspapers, they are a great option for local or small businesses.


Magazines are one of the best print publications to advertise in if you want to target a specific audience based on behaviors or interests. Each magazine focuses on a certain topic that appeals to only that demographic. Advertising in a magazine that has the same focus or industry as your business is a great way to reach people with similar interests.


While not very common in the age of Google, there are still printed directories for individual industries or information. Advertising in directories can expose your business to a client base in a certain region or industry. Being printed in well- known publications, such as the yellow pages, is also a clear signal to readers that the business being advertised is trustworthy.

Advantages of Print Advertising

With so many different marketing techniques, it can be hard to choose which one will work best with your business and goals. Print advertising offers a unique set of benefits due to its credibility and low cost and high return on investment. Print is a great way to advertise to your local community at any budget while reaching a large, local audience.

Advertising in print publications also has the flexibility of being printed in certain publications, regions, or formats that will best benefit the business. Advertisements that are printed in publications will be seen by multiple readers. This means that advertising in print publications reaches a huge audience with only one ad, making print even more cost- effective.

Print advertisements also have a sense of credibility that the community trusts. Many print publications, such as magazines and newspapers, are considered credible as sources of information. Due to this, the community trusts the businesses that advertise within that publication as much as they do the information in the stories. Advertising in these trustworthy publications will help to prove your credibility to the community.

Is Print Advertising Still Effective?

The unique benefits of advertising in print will continue to keep this marketing technique relevant for years to come. Print offers a way to reach unique audiences based on the demographics your business is trying to reach. Studies also show that consumers absorb more information from print ads compared to online. Research has also proven that print ads are more “emotional” than digital ads. Print ads have a high level of credibility. In a Nielson survey, newspapers and magazines were the second and third most trusted sources of advertisements, beaten only by television. Due to these benefits and the ability to work with any budget, advertising in print publications is a great way to get your business in front of consumers.

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