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            Television is one of the most popular marketing avenues—some even call it the “Gold Standard of Marketing.” But as marketing has shifted to a digital focus, new advertising opportunities have been created. The goal of advertising is to reach your ideal audience—originally, that audience was easily reachable by television. As entertainment mediums have moved, so have the audiences, most commonly to streaming services such as Netflix. Advertising on streaming television allows you to reach a wide audience with varying demographics, and interests. The growth of advertising on streaming platforms allows for more creative, interactive, and lucrative marketing campaigns.

What is streaming, and how do you advertise on it?

            Streaming television platforms operate in different ways, such as on- demand streaming and live- streaming. Streaming means that video content is delivered to a streaming capable device through the internet at the viewer’s command. This type of streaming is often on devices such as Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. On- demand streaming is another common option. This means that a viewer can watch whatever is offered on the platform at any time. This type of streaming includes Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

            Streaming services became available to the general public in 2007 with the launch of Netflix. Today, there are over 300 streaming services available to choose from. Streaming has become increasingly common in the average household. In fact, over 75% of households in the U.S. have one streaming device along with cable.  The shift to streaming can be seen through the statistics. Cable television companies lost over 1.3 million customers in 2021, while streaming services saw a reach of over 80% of households in the same year.  The Wall Street Journal reports that television consumers spent 9% less time watching cable, and over 20% more time watching streaming services.

Benefits of Advertising on Streaming

            When advertising on streaming television, there are various benefits that you can’t find on other, more traditional mediums of marketing. For example, streaming allows you to target a specific audience based on demographics through picking precise programming. With the rise of streaming television, it is projected to become more dominant than regular television—and the advertising opportunities will become even more popular.

                Advertising on streaming television is also more cost effective than standard linear television. Ads that are on streaming television don’t have the expensive upfront costs and airtime rates that cable does, allowing these advertising campaigns to be more budget- friendly with a wide reach.

            There are less commercials on streaming services to compete for the consumer’s attention, and can be non- skippable depending on the platform and viewer’s plan. One of the biggest benefits of advertising on a streaming service is that there is a lot of creative freedom. Advertisers can think outside of the box to include interactive elements such as links or mini- games. These creative elements increase the probability of an ad going viral, which can reach millions of consumers in a few moments.

Best Practices for Advertising on Streaming

            In order to get the most out of your streaming television advertising campaign, there are some best practices to follow. Streaming platforms can be watching on televisions, phones, laptops, or tablets, and having an ad that has a high- quality performance on all of these devices and screen sizes can help yield the results you want. One of the most important best practices is to know your audience and their preferences. Incorporate their demographics, buying habits, and location to create an ad to capture their attention.

            When making an ad for a streaming platform, your brand should be the focus of the ad. You want the consumer to know what is being advertised without even seeing the ad, as many users are watching streaming on the go or on different devices.  You want to keep the goals and branding of your business front and center, so the viewers will be able to recognize the product or service after the ad is. The ad should also feature a direct call to action at the end to encourage those watching to do something. A great example of this is closing out the ad with a special offer if they download the app or sign up for the newsletter on the website. This would also be helpful to track the effectiveness of the ad.

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