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Every city and its population are unique, which is why a marketing plan within your city will be different than a marketing plan in another. As a marketing and advertising agency in Louisville, Media Venue wants to help you discover some successful ways to market to the Louisville DMA (Designated Market Area). Based on upcoming trends and past statistics, we hope to help readers explore the variety of ways that Louisville Marketers are successfully reaching their target audiences.

If you’re looking for a high-performing advertising strategy within the Louisville DMA, we recommend that you consider one of the following marketing platforms for the upcoming year.

#1 Radio Advertising

Residents of Louisville are holding true to broadcast radio, with minimal loss to satellite programs. In 2016, we saw a steady market of listeners – especially around morning radio shows. Louisville gridlock traffic in the mornings is a huge contributor to higher engagement levels with local morning shows.

The personalities featured on these shows have become not only part of the morning routine, but they are faces of the community. Many support local organizations and have strong roots within the community. Pricewise, this media format has a great reach at a lower price than other comparable formats. In fact, radio advertising is less expensive than cable television advertising but often has the same reach (source).

#2 Facebook Promoted Posts

As far as social media goes, Facebook is the platform that reaches across the widest audience of individuals. Facebook promoted posts are a great way to reach consumers that are outside of your current followers. In addition, targeting capabilities have become more granular in the past year, making it even easier to reach your ideal audience. A social campaign also does a great job to offer a personal side of your business to prospects – something local Louisville consumers are looking for.

The biggest perk of Facebook promoted posts? The budget. Budgets for advertising on Facebook start as low as $10 a day. This means that Facebook advertising is not out of reach for any business of any size. It is simple to start small and build upon your social campaigns as you learn what works.

#3 TruView Advertising

YouTube and other video-focused websites are expanding the ability to put a video advertisement in front of consumers. Video ads are a great way to connect with local consumers visually and through audio. Plus, this advertising format offers rooms for customization. TrueView advertisements can be short or long and can include local messages to truly connect you with your Louisville prospects.

With more and more consumers cutting the cable cord, TruView advertising will likely grow in the new year and gain even more traction and reach. Plus, this platform comes at an extremely fair price. While this platform may be best used as a part of a larger media plan, we do feel that it will be an integral part of local advertising in the near future.

#4 New Movers

When people move, they typically do a formal “change of address” with USPS – allowing them to receive forwarded mail from their previous address. Once they change their address, consumers usually get a packet at their new address that includes a wide variety of coupons and offers. New Movers is a newer product that compliments traditional direct mail by targeting individuals who have recently bought or sold their home. This is a great way to reach new residents of Louisville and welcome them to the community with your business online.

This program is an impactful enhancement to your direct marketing efforts. The pricing is pretty flexible, dependent on the creative utilized. However, new movers marketing campaigns boasts a high ROI because it is well targeted and reaches in-market prospects.

#5 Search Engine Marketing

One of the most tried and truly successful marketing strategies is search engine marketing (SEM). This digital strategy is used to increase the visibility of a website in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Sometimes, organic search results are not enough, and businesses need to bolster their position. SEM can take your business and put your ads at the top of the SERP pages to increase visibility.

Pricing of SEM campaigns varies, dependent on demand, competition, and desired results. However, these campaigns offer strong ROI because they target consumers that are actively searching for keywords that pertain to your business.

Market to the Louisville DMA with Media Venue  

Whether your company is new to the Louisville area or a long-standing local business, Media Venue is here to help you reach the right consumers. While no single marketing platform is the best, there can be vehicles that are better for your business and location. At Media Venue, we will take your budget and create a plan that will work best for your needs. Click here to learn more about us or call Weaks at 502-855-4783!


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