Achieve Marketing Goals in the New Year

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As a new year approaches, we often set goals and resolutions for ourselves, but have you ever made New Year’s resolutions for your business? Although setting marketing goals and resolutions is a great (and necessary) step on the road to success, have you ever considered how to achieve these goals? No worries, Media Venue is here to help your business set and achieve its resolutions in the New Year!

How to Create Marketing Goals

The first step in helping your business to perform its best in the new year is to create some marketing goals. You should also consider whether your goals have an associated numerical value or timeline. Making them as specific as possible will assist in turning them into manageable steps. A few ideas for potential marketing goals include:

  • Increasing profits by 25% in 2 years
  • Double the social media following within 1 year
  • Increase email opens from an email marketing campaign by 10% in 2 months

If you have not thought of any goals yet, this next section will not only pose some questions to help you think of some, but also how to turn them into manageable steps.

How to Turn Marketing Goals into Manageable Steps

Although your business may have numerous marketing goals, it is important to take a step back and figure out how to turn them into manageable steps. This will make the roadmap to achieving those goals much clearer and feel easier to accomplish!

Step 1: Think about the initial vision for your business.

The first step is to think about the initial vision for your business. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to see your business in the next 1 to 5 years? Try to make this goal as specific as possible—and even set a numerical value if you can—to better define this goal.

Step 2: Define your smaller, more manageable goals.

Now that you have defined your overarching goal for the New Year, determine the steps that you will need to take to meet this long-term goal. The best way to determine the steps is to take the long-term goal and break it down into quarterly, monthly, or weekly goals that will add up to achieve your long-term goal.

Step 3: Plan timelines and specific tasks that will be a part of day-to-day work.

Once you have defined your smaller, manageable goals in step 2, plot them on a timeline and determine the specific tasks that need to be completed to achieve them. Meeting these smaller goals one step at a time will make your long-term goals seem much more manageable.

Example: Manageable Goals

Let’s say that your marketing goal is to increase annual profits by 25% in two years. That’s a great goal! Since you have already determined a specific goal (increase annual profits) with a numerical value (25%) and the long-term deadline to meet the goal (two years), you have already completed step 1.

Now that you have defined your long-term goal, it’s time to move on to step 2. Depending on your business and how often profit data is pulled, this overarching goal can be broken down into quarterly, monthly, or even weekly goals. If we break down the goal of a 25% profit increase in 2 years, we will see a smaller goal of 3% sales increase each month. That sounds much more manageable!

Now you need to create a timeline of tasks to achieve the monthly goal. This can include anything from creating a retargeting campaign to bring customers back to your website to launching social media marketing or video marketing for your business. These are all great ideas that can help your business reach its goals!

Encourage employees to set their own goals and create incentives for those who reach those stated goals. This will in turn propel the company farther along. Celebrate the small goals throughout the year, with a larger celebration once all annual goals are fulfilled.

Setting Marketing Goals for the New Year with Media Venue

It’s great to start the New Year off with new business goals and a plan for achieving them. However, we understand that many business owners may still be debating on the best plan to achieve their stated goals. No matter what your business’s goals are for the New Year, Media Venue is happy to help! With our Digital and Traditional Marketing Capabilities, we can personalize a marketing plan to achieve your business’s marketing goals in the New Year! Contact us at 502-855-4783 or email Jaclyn Grieshaber at to learn more.

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