A Fresh Take on Social Media for the New Year

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The new year often calls for a renewed perspective on things – and one thing that can always use a little sprucing up is a business’s social media presence. Historically, social media was known as a way for people to connect with one another online. However, many companies have begun to successfully utilize social media platforms to engage with their consumers.

How can your business leverage social media to help engage a target audience? The best way is to keep your social media platforms fresh. And now is a better time than ever to update things! By revising your imagery and reviewing your post messages, you can create an innovative page that continues to engage your audience for the entire year.

Update Your Social Media Imagery

Social media platforms offer a variety of ways for you to connect with your audience through imagery, videos, and pictures. But, like everything else in life, images age. It is important to keep your pictures current and aligned with your brand and objectives.

Profile Pictures

Keep profile pictures simple. Your best bet is to utilize a simple logo or a clearly branded product picture to best represent your company. If you change logos, be sure to update the profile picture accordingly so that all your social platforms align with your current branding standards.

Cover Photos / Banner Photos

Cover or Banner photos can be more seasonal and should be changed out more often than profile pictures. This is a great place to show a little more personality and be creative. Whereas a profile picture should be well branded, this can be specific to a certain sale you are promoting, a certain season, or can contain a fun message to help your followers understand your values as a company.

Post Photos

If you find that you are recycling old pictures too often, take some new ones to go along with posts. As previously mentioned, photos age. People will notice if a picture is older by the quality or even the content of the photo. Taking new pictures can provide clear, beautiful imagery to supplement your posts and catch the eye of your subscribers.

Update Your Social Media Messaging

Your posts or messages that you share with your followers are just as important as the imagery that supports them. Content needs to be fresh, informative, and fun. There are a variety of ways to update your post messages to best connect with your followers.

Create a Calendar

Consistent posting is a key component of a social media plan, and the new year is the perfect time to start this habit. Followers are much more likely to regularly engage with your business if you are regularly posting new, fresh content. Creating a content calendar before the month begins can help you stay on track for the month and keep with a regular schedule.

Keep an Eye on the Industry

The only constant in the business world is that things are constantly changing. By keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry, you can ensure that your followers are getting the most current information about your business industry. This information can help your company establish authority as an expert. This authority can nurture a trusting relationship between your business and your followers – making them more likely to engage and trust your content.

Be Aware of Trends

Trends in your specific industry are important, but so are social trends! If you notice your competitors participating in social media trends, perhaps it is time to partake too. Trending hashtags or “challenges” are a great way to increase followership by expanding your potential audience to social media users that are also participating in these trends.

Hit Refresh with Media Venue

If you are ready to freshen up your social media platforms but are unsure how to get started, contact Media Venue. Our social media management team can create industry-specific and hyper-local content calendars to help keep your business postings fresh and relevant for your followers. Plus, our calendars can help create consistency for businesses struggling with consistent content. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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