A Beginner’s Guide to IP-Targeted Mobile Ads

IP Targeted Mobile Ads

IP Targeted Mobile Ads – that is such a mouthful!

While it can seem like IP-targeted mobile ads are an advanced marketing tool, these kinds of advertisements are actually quite simple to create and can have many benefits for businesses. IP-targeted mobile ads are the right path for your business if you are looking to target specific geographical locations.

What exactly is an IP Address?

Let’s start with the basics! An IP address is an internet protocol address. They are unique identifiers for your internet access, and no two are exactly the same. There are two kinds of IP addresses, internal and external. Internal IP addresses, also called private IP addresses, are assigned to specific devices. In contrast, external IP addresses are the digital address for your router interface and are the unique string of numbers associated with your internet use.

These addresses serve two major functions – as an interface identification for a network of machines and to provide a location of said machines. While many people liken IP addresses to home addresses, this is not entirely accurate. In fact, IP addresses are more of an approximation of an area rather than an exact location. However, they are very important in providing greater security and reliability while on the internet.

What Do IP-Targeted Mobile Ads Do?

IP-targeted mobile ads do exactly what the name suggests – they target specific IP addresses. Mobile ads are automatically formatted to provide a seamless experience for consumers, and they target prospects based on location. With 82% of smartphone users searching for businesses near them, mobile advertising that is targeted based on IP addresses allows marketers to reach people as they move.

What sets IP-targeted mobile ads apart from advertising based solely on location? There is much more targeting information available within an IP address. External IP addresses are associated with your internet usage, meaning that advertisers can use them to define certain things about your browsing history and learn more about you as a consumer. Searching for new homes? You are likely in a younger age demographic than someone who is searching for retirement homes. These signals can help marketers target even more granularly.

Why Should You Implement IP-Targeted Mobile Ads?

There are quite a few important benefits to utilizing IP-targeted mobile ads as part of an overall digital marketing strategy. These benefits include:

Cookie-Free Targeting – multiple studies have shown that over 65% of cookie-based ads are being blocked or deleted by web browsers. By targeting IP addresses, you remove the need to utilize cookies. Plus, you still have the ability to granularly target your prospects based on their internet usage.

Brand Awareness – IP-targeted mobile ads are great at spreading brand awareness to customers by showing up quite often when they enter a browser. While they may not always click on the advertisements, they will see your brand over and over, providing a heightened awareness.

Creative Freedom – There are several different formats that mobile ads can take, allowing creative freedom along with advanced targeting. Based on your campaign type, ads can be in text, image, call-only, or app/digital content formats.

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