5 Tips for Embracing Video Marketing

Video viewing is rapidly increase online, Per Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. It only makes sense that brands need to find a way to leverage online video a part of their marketing strategy. As a company, there are more obstacles to contend with compared to the personal use of online video. Although, it can be intimidating any change can be, we are offering 5 tips to break down the barrier and encourage you to embrace video marketing.

#1 Find Good representation. For a business video, the star should be someone that is a face of your company. The obvious person such as an owner or CEO may be perfect, or they may not be. Don’t be afraid to have a small pool of individuals and try them out on camera. Try selecting from individuals who have roles that put them in contact with the public. You don’t necessarily have to have one person either, having a 3-4-person rotation could be beneficial, especially if the topics you will discuss are varied.

#2 Script, you don’t need no stinking script. Many videos that get the best engagement are natural. Decide on a topic, perhaps make note of a few points you want to include. Having notes is helpful, it can make you feel at ease and keep the video from wandering off topic.

#3 Location, Location, Location. Choose a spot to record your videos, if you need inspiration look on YouTube. See what others in your industry do. Decide what your clients would most like to see. If you’re a contractor, on-site videos make sense. If you want to stay at your company, design a space or room that feels comfortable but also represents your company culture.

#4 Choose an organizer. Like any task if no one person takes the reigns this project will fall to the floor. Find an individual for whom this role naturally fits. They can organize topics, research and set recording times. This role fits nicely for an individual on your team that disperses the information and content as that will be the next step in the process.

#5 Let go. You may make a video, and then watch it and re-watch it unwilling to let it leave the safe space of your computer or phone. Just let it go, there will always be flaws but not being perfect lets your audience know it is real. Be ready for feedback, but remember if you’re getting feedback people are watching and that means you’re on the right path.

Video marketing offers a rich contribution of content and influence to your digital marketing strategy. Axonn Research found seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. More research will continue as video soars higher in 2017, and we know the results will continually reinforce that video is a valuable vehicle for businesses. At Media Venue, we are the advertising agency that strives to build the most strategic plan to help you reach your consumers. Video is recommended no matter the industry, but everyone will use it for different goals with different styles and personality.

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