5 Steps to Refresh Your Social Media Profiles

5 Tips to Optimize your Social Media Profile

Social Media has been around for several years now and perhaps so has your social profile. Just like an updated website or a marketing campaign, a fresh look can breathe new life into your social profile. Luckily, social profiles are much simpler to refresh. Follow these 5 steps to do an easy update.

#1 Optimize Your Cover Photo

Use your cover photo to make a statement. This could be a holiday message, a sale announcement or directing users to a call-to-action. If you’re not a graphic designer, try using Canva or a similar tool to create one designed to the size specifications designated by your chosen social platform.

#2 Optimize Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is going to be associated with every post you publish. The only issue is that it is very small. The average profile image is around 160 x 160 pixels. Even as the actual pixel size changes, the majority are square, while most logos tend to fit more in a rectangular box. To be sure that your brand awareness on social media platforms is strong, choose a version that is clean and crisp. Often after looking at your page initially this will be the only branding element users view on an ongoing basis. Some companies use a simplified version or just a maximum-sized version of their logo.

#3 Optimize Your About Section

Break out your keyword list. Write a short summary utilizing the full amount of characters available based on your chosen platform. Within the summary, try to use primary keywords to describe your business. If you have a page on your website that tells a fuller story, such as for older companies with rich histories, offer a link here for more details.

#4 Include a Call-to-Action

Every good social strategy involves setting goals. Once you have your goals laid out, decide which of the Call-to-Action buttons supports those goals. For B2B companies, the major call to action is call now, sign up or contact us. For B2C companies, shop now, book now, or sign up are very fitting. There should always be an active call to action, but don’t be afraid to change it to align with a short-term campaign. You can change the call to action whenever your needs change.

#5 Review for Mobile

When it comes to mobile active users are on the rise. Once you have completed the update, be sure to verify it across devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. Check the mobile sites and the apps for good measure. Often because it is a standard format, it will naturally read well across any device, but it is better to be on the safe side.


Refreshing your social media profiles will help keep users interested in visiting your page. It will also allow you to amplify your messages and goals on a consistent basis. Consider refreshing your page seasonally or even monthly if it aligns with your marketing efforts. Social Media accounts should be engaging for users. Mark refresh on your social calendar and make it a priority. Don’t forget to make sure they align and support your other marketing efforts, both digital and traditional marketing.


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