5 Reasons to Consider Radio Advertising

#1 Radio advertising can be produced cheaply

Compared to television, a radio spot can be produced at a fraction of the cost, even for free, if the station records. Also, radio spots are much easier to produce yourself if you want to save on production costs.

#2 Radio reaches Nielsen US Radio Listeners Profile March 2016a range of audiences

Per Nielsen’s recent reporting, 93% of US adults listen to the radio on a weekly basis. Gen Xers listen the most at 96%, with Boomers following closely with 15 hours.

For more on listener demographics: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2016/audio-today-radio-2016-appealing-far-and-wide.html

#3 Radio advertising reaches consumers on the go

Radio commercials reach individuals while they are already in their cars. For industries such as food and auto, listeners can respond immediately. Ex. An auto repair shop has a special on oil changes. The listeners’ minds are already focused on their cars and they may have time that same day to get maintenance taken care of.

Industries that tend to top the charts with radio marketing include Auto, Communications, Financial Services, Health Care and Professional Services. These industries do not thrive on imagery to sell their products which lends wonderfully to the audio-only factor of traditional radio.

#4 Radio advertising can be put on air quickly

Radio Stations can air a commercial 48 hours after receiving the spot.

#5 Radio has gone Digital too

Internet radio continues to grow. Edison Research and Triton Digital put the number of weekly digital radio listeners at 44% of the population ages 12 and older, an increase from 36% in 2014 and 33% in 2013. eMarketer’s estimate for US weekly adult digital radio listeners is similar, at 43.4% of the population ages 18 and older this year, or 51.0% of adult internet users.

Internet radio ads offer an advantage over traditional radio in that listeners are only one click away from an advertiser’s website. They are already on a smart device; this makes for a smooth transition to get the listener to visit the advertiser’s website.

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