5 Marketing Mistakes We Saw in 2016

With 2017 quickly approaching companies are striving to put together a new marketing plan to kick off the new year. The number one difference between a strategic plan and throwing darts at a dart board (that’s how we also refer to it in our office) is reviewing what works. If you’re a first-time marketer you’re just getting your feet wet and mistakes will happen. Those of us who have time and results data need to use our mistakes of the past to create a more successful future.

Top 5 Mistakes We’ve Seen in 2016 

#1 Bought Yellow-Page Ads. In 2016, we must have had a handful of clients who had already spent a large portion of their budget on contracted yellow page ads. Most of these individuals said they didn’t think about it; it was just what had always been done. The first thing we did was cut that spending the best we could, based on the terms of their contract and suggest not renewing it for 2017. Instead those funds were used across other advertising vehicles that better suited where their target audience could be reached.

#2 No or Bad Websites. We’ve had several new clients that came to us with no website, or a website built with no strategy and often long ago. Before we start spending your money driving people to a bad site that they will most likely leave quickly, we plan for a site update. A website doesn’t have to be a creative art project, it needs to be a simple transparent place for consumers to understand your company, your product and engage with you.  Advertising today, is based on driving people to your website initially; and if it’s a bad site, your marketing dollars were wasted.

#3 DIY Digital Marketing. Often business owners, and small staff businesses know that they need to have a digital presence, but they don’t understand it. Often, this comes down to time. As busy professionals, they don’t have adequate time to learn and understand how to strategize digital marketing. Instead, they turn to fumbling through the set up and buying process. This can lead to spending too much money or too little creating a diluted market. Digital marketing is simply not a set it and forget it style of advertising. Instead it should be nurtured and monitored so that you are meeting your consumer online, when they need or want you.

#4 Relying too Heavily on One Vehicle. Some advertising styles are drastically more expensive than others, Television vs. Retargeting. Both can be effective, but if you don’t have a strong enough budget your ad will get lost in the sea of advertisements. It is better to figure out your budget and decide based on past results, and current market prices which advertising vehicles will get your company the best bang for your buck. We’ve seen a few clients that put their whole budget towards television, but have no other marketing tactics to support that TV ad. All advertising is more successful when it is part of a larger strategy where different tactics reinforce one another.

Think about it, most clients are not swayed by one message. While research has been unable to identify a magic number of messages a consumer needs to see, a general agreement stands that messages are more effective when repeated. (read more on effective frequency)

#5 No Reporting! Whether it is traditional advertising, digital advertising or social marketing reporting needs to take place. All advertising has a learning curve, and to build a more successful plan every month, quarter or year the results need to be measured. One of the first questions we ask a new company is what has been successful before? We want to partner with you and build on your success. That reported data of website clicks, social conversations, and increased foot traffic allow us to see where the successes have been and how we can capitalize on those vehicles while introducing new elements as well.

At Media Venue, we built our reputation as an advertising agency on strategy. For over 2o years, we have been establishing successful strategic campaigns for clients who are busy building their businesses. If you need help planning your 2017, give us a call Weaks McKinney-Smith 502-855-4783.

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