3 Tips for Multi-Platform Social Marketing Success

When it comes to social marketing it can be overwhelming. A few years ago there were a few social networks and businesses were only beginning to understand them enough to make strong connections with customers. Before most companies got the hang of social media marketing, a flood of new platforms came, created one right after another. With the vast amount of platforms, it is essential that companies are not on just one platform. On the flip side though, a company does not have to be on every social site either.

Since there are so many social avenues that are available, but how are we to choose and how to incorporate them into our successful social media marketing plans.

#1 Choose the Social Sites that Fit Your Audience social 3

Look at the demographic breakdowns for each the platforms available (one source here). Compare the users’ information with that of your target market. I have found that if you choose between your top 1-3 to start depending on your available time. There are some great charts   that breakdown the user demographic, the sites themselves also offer significant information.

#2 Get to Know Your Chosen Platform(s)

Beyond getting to know the users, you must understand the rules and norms of the platform. Instagram is about photos and videos; you would never want to post a text only piece. LinkedIn is focused on professionalism so try to avoid using slang and aim to be an expert resource for users. Each platform was designed for a specific reason, learn about the reason and the culture then create content that fits the individual mold.

As you go through the discovery process recognize that you will try and fail. It is natural and expected not every post or piece of content will go viral or increase sales a 1000% but you will find what works and capitalize on that in the future. Remember that part of knowing your platform is understanding analytics so don’t ignore them.

#3 Create a Consistent Brand Presence

Just like when you create any piece of marketing it needs a look and feel that is recognizable as your brand. Even though you are using multiple platforms that are unique you need to have a consistent presence across them. Use a standard logo, choose a color scheme and tone of voice that will be connected to your brand whenever online users come across it. It is also important that even though you may be making mistakes that you participate in online activities consistently. Long quiet periods often mean you are forgotten or users can think something negative is happening with your company.

These 3 steps will get you started on a successful multi-channel social media marketing plan. As you continue your marketing efforts stay on top of new elements added that may benefit your business. Usually they are every apparent on the platforms themselves or various news outlets such as Forbes.

If you have any questions we are always happy to answer. As an agency we handle multiple businesses across a variety of industries.

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