3 Advertising Tips for a Successful 3rd Quarter

The third quarter, or July-September, can be a slow time for businesses in all industries. Children are out of school, people are on vacation, and the higher temperatures seem to make everything feel a little hazy. However, Q3 leads into a time of high consumerism—the holidays—so marketing efforts remain important even through the late summer months. Where should you focus your energy during this time? Media Venue has three strategies to make the most of your third quarter.

1. End-of-Season Sales

The third quarter includes the transition from summer to fall. This provides an opportunity for you to clear out any summer products you still have in stock or perform any last minute seasonal services. You may also consider an “early-bird” sale if your industry is geared toward the cooler months.  Some easy marketing vehicles for promoting sales include paid search campaigns or direct mail programs.

2. Focus on Branding

If your business tends to be busy in cycles (for example, landscaping or a sports industry), you may be tempted to pull all advertising during your slow season. However, we never recommend going completely dark—this will negatively impact your business down the line. If you are low on inventory or availability, or simply out-of-season in the summer, shift your focus from sales to building brand awareness. Increasing or maintaining brand awareness during slower periods will help keep your business top-of-mind for consumers in busier months. This can be achieved through social media management, television ads, or even branded billboards.

3. Revisit Old Projects/ Leads

During the busy winter and spring months, sometimes projects or prospects can fall through the cracks. Take advantage of the slower summertime to catch up on these things—whether that’s following up with potential or frequent customers, finishing up that new branding package, or ordering new equipment for your space. This may also be a good time to evaluate your business’s online presence to make sure it reflects your brand accurately. Refresh your website, check on your citations and update any print materials you utilize throughout the year during this time.

BONUS: Plan for Q4

As previously stated, Q3 is the leadup into the holiday season, which is a very busy time for most industries. Get ahead of the curve by using the summer to plan your marketing initiatives for the final quarter of the year. Do you know you’ll be running a special? Knock out the creative for your display ads or TV spot. Have a certain budget to work with? Write out how you want to allocate that money. Crack out the numbers from last year and see what did and didn’t work, and what you may want to change. Preparing now will allow you to reap more benefits later.

Success in the Third Quarter

The hazy days of summer can be a slow time for business—but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on marketing! The talented team at Media Venue can help you utilize this time to build your brand, prepare for the seasonal transition, and set up for holiday success! Call us today at 502-855-4783 or email weaks@mediavenue.com to learn more. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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