Second Quarter Advertising: Your Time to Shine


The second quarter, or April through June, is generally a time that advertising picks up across the board. Businesses and consumers alike are shaking off the frigid winter season. Plus, factors such as tax refunds, improving weather, seasonal holidays, and sporting events drive a surge in consumer spending. Of course, it’s a more important quarter for some industries than others— the fitness world, for example, sees a dip after the New Year Resolution period, whereas outdoor equipment is only just getting started. Do you consider spring your busy season? Plan ahead during the slower first quarter so that your focus can be put towards valuable sales later. If your business falls into one of the following three categories, you may see some opportunity in the second quarter of the year.


After the post-Christmas recovery period, retailers of all kinds will see an uptick in sales for a few different reasons. The first is tax season. During the second quarter, individuals and families are receiving their refunds for the previous year. The average refund as of 2016 was $3,050. Many people utilize these extra funds for home updates, new vehicles, and technology upgrades. For this reason, categories such as furniture, cars, technology, and home improvement may see a natural influx in sales. Capitalize on this opportunity by advertising during Q2 to generate more brand recognition.

Other reasons that retail sees heightened activity in the second quarter are the holidays that fall in that time. Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day all drive purchasing for gifts, food, and decorations. If you are a retailer that sells products relevant to one of these holidays, it may be prudent to run a campaign specifically focused on that holiday.

Wedding Vendors

Remember all those Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day proposals? Once the initial excitement has settled, it’s time for the wedding planning to begin. 73% of weddings each year take place between June and October, so now is the time that couples will be looking for venues and services. If you are a photographer, florist, bakery, event space, or other wedding vendor, take time in the early part of the year to freshen your social media presence and website. According to Wedding Wire, over 75% of couples ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a vendor’s page so that they can see the quality of their work. Have a little more budget to spend? You may even look into a paid media campaign dedicated to the wedding crowd.

Outdoor Companies

The weather is starting to improve, and people are ready to leave winter behind and step out into the sunshine. Outdoor sporting activities will resume, as well as lawn care and home improvement projects. Pay attention to weather patterns and outdoor attractions in your area, and plan advertising accordingly. If you sell hardware and tools, you may see your increase earlier in the quarter, whereas sporting goods stores may see theirs a little later. Either way, use this time to put helpful tips and tricks on your website. Or, go for traditional advertising to make a splash through brand recognition.

Shake Off the Winter Blues

If your business fits one of these categories, the second quarter is the perfect time to advertise. Whether you need digital campaigns with a specific focus or a broader traditional branding campaign, Media Venue can help you formulate a strategy for success this spring. Call us today at 502-855-4783.

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