Great Marketing = Creativity + Planning + Follow through

Great Marketing = Creativity + Planning + Follow through

At Media Venue we understand that not only is a wonderful and creative marketing plan necessary to boost profits, even our own, but it must be backed with follow through. Several studies over the last decade have shown a steady decline in follow through across several business sectors and among every level of employees. Customers can be lost due to less than stellar results by the end of their campaign or interaction as a result. As a company and professional there is also a loss of experience and learning. By holding employees accountable and tracking through the entire process the information is at fingertip reach to improve upon for the next step or interaction.

For example, our media coordinator assists the media buyers and holds everyone accountable for their deadlines and set forth agreements. Each Friday she creates pre-logs for our television spots letting each and every client know when their ad spots will run. By doing this she is in constant communication with the client, holds the stations responsible for any mistakes which could cost both the station and our clients money. When it comes to a highly strategic plans, placement times are a driving force for the amount of reach an advertisement receives if an ad is not in the right place higher dollars may have been spent on less audience reach. As we are all human mistakes do happen but with her tracking plan if an ad is not run or misplaced she can go back to the station and verify they compensate for the error. Our clients love this about our company, it says not only do we want to get your business but we want to keep it and better your business along with our bottom line.

This isfollowthrough one example but it makes you stop and think is there cost savings in following up? Will improvements become blatant with better tracking? Will employees respect the authority of management more when they can depend on promises?

This country was built on the hand shake agreements of respected men and women who knew importance of follow through.

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