5 Tips for Marketing that Works: Target Marketing

5 tips for Marketing that works

target marketingTarget Market, this is the group of individuals that you are aiming to reach when it comes to your business sales and services. These individuals can be classified into different groups including age, gender, location, and many more.

Why is it important to know your target market? It sets your goal of reach. If you know who you want to sell too then you can figure out the best way to reach them based off information that can be gathered by a little research.

5 Easy tips to start target marketing today!

  1. Recognize you have a target audience – Try to identify your target audience based off current customers. This could be as simple as asking at the register or with a survey at the end of services rendered.
  1. What criteria will you use to identify your target customer groups- Start with demographics such as age, gender, income, etc. Then add on location.
  1. What do consumers most want from your business? Look at your products and services from the consumer’s point of view.  Shape your consumer groups further based on the point of view.
  1. How do you reach these customer groups? Find channels that allow you to “speak” to those consumers.  It might be billboards, radio, TV, newspaper, catalogs, flyers, online, etc.  There will be multiple so choose what is best for you based on budget and reach.
  2. Measure, Measure, Measure – Now that you have defined the target, start tracking to see if your advertising is working. Coupons, surveys, product sales (month over month or year over year), talking to your customers are a few ideas.  Figure out how they heard about you and why they are buying your product and using your service.

Marketing can be overwhelming, but if you build a plan based on a target audience, your dollars will work smarter and harder for you.

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